Secret to slim life- Hara Hachi Bu

Hara Hachi Bu just could be the solution to living slim and energized. It’s the  80% rule.

I’ve been part of the Blue Zone Project for over a year now and this concept is so important and so simple to make a habit that serves you, and really, how many people even know what 100% full is. Just sayin…

What is Blue Zone Project Power of 9 sheet

The Blue Zone Project shared this on Facebook today:

How often do you really pay attention to the food you eat? If you’re like most people, you probably eat lunch at your desk, enjoy dinner along with your favorite TV show, and snack on the go. According to research from the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, you’re more likely to eat too much and consume foods that are less healthy when you do other things while you eat.
Try these tips to avoid eating on autopilot. When you eliminate distractions and take the time to really enjoy your meal, you’ll feel more satisfied with less.
• Enjoy the taste.
• Savor the smell.
• Feel the texture.
• Appreciate the satisfaction from each bite.
• Adopt a mealtime mantra from Okinawa, Japan, one of the original Blue Zones® areas:
Okinawians say “Hara hachi bu” before meals. This reminds them to stop eating when they’re 80% full. Saying this mantra helps you to connect with what you’re eating and gives your brain time to catch up with your stomach. That 20 percent loss of calories could be the difference between gaining weight or losing it.

Start today to make a difference in the example you are to friends and family and eat to live instead of living to eat.

Make it a perfect weight kinda day, and if this concept is of interest to you allow me to be the accountability coach that helps you focus, track your habits, make adjustments, and achieve your health goals…as a team!


Nancy Sustersic,
aka “Reality Coach”… Tracking Habits for Health & Longevity


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