Playing Fair like a Teddy Bear, what I learned from one of the Covenant House Kids

Recently I’ve become involved with a mission in SWFL in the building of a Safe House to help with the rehabilitation of young people when they are rescued from the horrible world of abuse and human trafficking. SWFL ranks #3 in the Nation in Human Trafficking according to the statistics in 2017. Shocking for a place we call PARADISE. This missional team is focusing on raising awareness and signs to watch for in the profiles of the predators so we can educate the families and children before they are victimized. I’m so proud of these volunteers for their hearts and passion for getting in the trenches and being of service.  Stay tuned for more info as the progress too.SO, I’ve had this little booklet for a while from Covenant House called, “Sometimes God Has a Kid’s Face”. by Sister Mary Rose McGeady.

SO, I’ve had this little booklet for a while from Covenant House called, “Sometimes God Has a Kid’s Face”. by Sister Mary Rose McGeady.  It’s disturbing and eye opening and also heartwarming at the same time. While reading it there many little poems and phrases from the children that stayed at the home and wanted to express their thoughts and restoration ideas verbally. Here is a poem called “Learn to Listen” by one of the CH Kids. I found this would be very helpful for my Playing Fair, Mastering Skills in a Multi-Parent Family feedback and book additions.  Please share your comments below and on the FB page too. Here you go with a little overview and the poem:

Covenant House blesses abandoned children and children that have been horribly abused and gives them a new life. In one of their recent mailings there was a poem that was written by a child that had been horribly abused and now has a new life in Christ. The title of the poem is “Learn to Listen” and it could just as well have been titled “Life Lessons via My Teddy Bear”. My hope is this poem touches some of you as much as it has touched me to the core.





“Learn to Listen”


Learn to listen like a Teddy Bear;
With ears open and mouth closed tight.
Learn to forgive like a teddy bear,
With an open heart, not caring who is right.
Learn to love like a Teddy Bear;
With arms open and imperfect eyesight.
Do not ask for your life’s load lightened,
But for courage to endure.
Do not ask for fulfillment in your life,
Do not ask for perfection in all you do,
But for wisdom not to repeat mistakes.
And finally, do not ask for more,
Before saying, “Thank You,”
for what you have already received.
If you’re looking for someone to blame–
Look in the mirror.
There is no challenge that cannot be met,
And dream that cannot be achieved.
Written by one of the Covenant House kids

Lessons learned by a child that had been horribly abused may be more eye-opening than ever and we must  remember that the quality of our lives is determined by the conscious choices that we make each and every day. Living in PARADISE aka Environment alone is no excuse for any of us.
Remembering that some of the greatest, most courageous, noble, and saintly people that have ever lived were raised in the most deplorable circumstances imaginable may be what opens the hearts and eyes of those in need to hear this message of HOPE and HELP.

Parents sometimes we need these Teddy Bear reminders in dealing with the stresses of life and decissions of disipline.  May your family and life journey be blessed.

Offered with love and respect,

Nancy Sustersic

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