Nancy Sustersic

image-resize2-frontNancy is an author, speaker, reality coach and avid network marketer. Her past career in bookkeeping spanned over 25 years in the vending and construction industries, while raising two sons and two daughters. Having only a GED, she received her real education through the personal development that network marketing encourages — and indeed requires for success. Now as an author this training has helped Nancy unify blended families  as teams where everyone wins, that Plays Fair!

In 2003, after moving from her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, she was introduced to network marketing. A nurse friend gave her some vitamins because she had been exhausted by fibromyalgia since age 12. She stopped hurting and became so passionate about nutrition and about sharing her new-found health with others.

In seven years, she earned many awards as a top recruiter for the company. But when the company took a detour, so did she. Upon moving to Florida, she and her husband bought an embroidery business in Naples. After three years of good growth, but great struggles, they sold the business and began searching for a nutrition company with exceptional products.

In 2007 Nancy took a course with MLMU on personal development in network marketing strategy.

She realized that the thing most lacking in many small businesses and organizations was a system for success. She was ready to pursue her passion –being of service to others. Nancy’s goal is to instill insights within others to believe that happiness comes from being of service to others… and that you must live your passion to live a full life! The objects of her passion are family, travel and anything related to health and fitness.

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Nancy has been doing motivational classes for the last 13 years, helping people raise self esteem and improve communication skills. Nancy is an Executive Leader in Vemma Nutrition Company—on the leading edge of liquid vitamins, healthy energy, and weight management. She is a member of their Platinum Success Club. Nancy is a mentor coordinator and ambassador for Business Networking International (BNI) in southwest Florida.