“If you love it enough…let it go!” Broken hearts don’t always need to happen.

Lightning Bolt moment for me. During a conversation I say to hubby Joe, “If you love it enough…let it go!” 
I’m always thinking about how can you make a situation better. Some people may say, “What’s the use?”  Here’s why…
The WOODY from Toy Story example: disney-pixar-toy-story-3-ptru1-7016698dt
So, I’m chatting with Joe about how I need to buy a toy for Christmas and explaining the reason WOODY is decapitated.  Story goes, 
“The children were fighting over Woody, and pulling on both ends, until his head tore off and he was thrown away”.  Joe knows the owner of Woody is 10 yrs old, and the other child is 6.  Sounds like the normal kids fighting over stuff, right.  I’m explaining to Joe that I wish they would have just kept poor Woody so I could put him back together again. I’m a seamstress, according to what my Mom used to say, and I told Joe, “Maybe Woody couldn’t have been repaired, and it’s too bad the children didn’t just let go and stop fighting, so that Woody had a fighting chance too.  I wasn’t there, but I’m sure we can all picture the situation of the crying and screaming that must have been going on, and I’d imagine their Mom was trying to get them to STOP!  Then I say how sad this child is that they have to wait until Christmas to get the beloved Woody back into their life.  I say to Joe, “all this could have been prevented if the 10 year old owner had:
  • just stopped to think how much Woody was loved and LET HIM GO for the moment.
  • Next ask Mom for help to retrieve him.

Poor and confused Woody would have been given a chance (to live), and the kids a cooling down time to correct the issue.”

NOW for the lighting bolt! I look at Joe and say, “did you hear what I just said? Woody would still be here if the owner (10 yr old) had just let go.  Letting go, calming down, even being willing to share, would have defused the situation and great lessons would be learned by all. ”  It’s about what is valuable to us and how to protect those things, including feelings and relationships.
ANOTHER AH-HA. I mention confused when I relate to how Woody must have felt because I think children could be feeling the same pulled apart way during divorces. If the parents forget that they are the adults and divorce is their issue often custody and support battles becomes the focus and the children are often caught in the middle of the turmoil.
My thinking: Often we become so close, emotional, to issues that we can’t be proactive fast enough. I feel that reasoning is why I became an author, and motivational coach as well. In “Playing Fair, Mastering Teamwork” my goal is to help people; parents, co-parents, children, stepchildren, extended relatives (think Members of the TEAM) see that sometimes just remembering to back down, let go, may bring back what we feared losing in the first place, and realize that loss doesn’t always need to happen.
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